Kitra GTI
GaTeway and Industrial IoT

Maximum performance in computing, complete solution in wireless, Industrial IoT enabler and connection to industrial legacy products, predictive maintance sensors, industrial IO and rugged architecture for harsh working environment.


• Extruded Aluminum housing or Takachi PFF13 plastic case
• 12V or 24V power supply and SLA battery input for backup
• Samsung ARTIK 710
- Octa-core Cortex-A53 64 bit, GPU ARM MALI T400
- WiFI/BLE/Zigbee/Thread
- Secure Element
• Mini PCIe for 3G/4G/CAT-M1 & GPS modems
with nano SIM connector inside
• 2kb EEPROM
• HDMI, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, USB Host
• RS485
• Micro SD card
• Push button and 2 RGB LEDs
• Accelerometers, gyroscopes and MEMS microphone
• Temperature sensor
• Four industrial digital inputs
• Two inputs for external NTC or analog inputs
• One input for external humidity sensor or 5V ADC input
• One input for external CT (AC current measurements)
• One input as shunt (DC current measurements)
• Two power digital outputs up to 1A
• Molex Micro-FIT industrial connector


Software, development & cloud service providers

• Ubuntu Linux package with multimedia,
connectivity, graphics, power management and security libraries
• Qt5 support
• ARTIK IDE, Node-RED, Eclipse, MQTT
• ARTIK cloud, Azeti cloud and all the main cloud service providers
• Easy to use GPS & LTE drivers as well as all the embedded peripherals

KITRA GTI BLACK (Rugged Aluminum Case)

KITRA GTI WHITE (Standard Plastic Case)

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